Different but the Same

                                                                           Welcome Back to Elmdale!  

I recently listened to a podcast that spoke about Back to School anxiety for parents and teachers.  In it, a leading expert in anxiety in children and families, Lynn Lyons, spoke about how usually the back to school time of year for both kids and adults is a mixture of a lot of excitement and a little anxiety.  She said this year those two are flipped for many of us - lots of anxiety and a little excitement.  This resonated with me.  

Kids are concerned about how things will look different after being away from school for the last six months (aside from maybe a visit or two in June).  Parents are concerned about their kids' safety and adjustment to this current "normal".  Teachers and school staff are concerned we are continuing to do our best for the kids while we too adjust to many changes and keeping kids safe, healthy and happy at school.  

But the excitement is also still there, and I am anticipating it will only grow once we get this unique school year underway.  I am hopeful that the routines and structure of school will help to ease our kids' anxieties.  I am SO looking forward to seeing the kids arrive at school every morning and seeing them to continue to laugh and have fun learning and playing together.  We trust you will find that while some things look different for now, the heart of what we do is still the same.  


With all of that said, I realize that while every family has been in this situation the last six months, each family has experienced it in their own unique way.  If you as a parent have any concerns or questions about your child's emotional adjustment back to school or their own experiences over the past few months, please don't hesitate to contact me or your child's teacher.  I will continue to meet with kids and parents - a little differently, but mostly the same 😊.  

All the best to your family this Fall! 

                                                                                    Tara Klassen