What's In Your Toolbox?

Hi Everyone!

I hope your week is off to a good start.  If your house is at all like my house, we're all experiencing a whole bunch of feelings these days, and while some of those feelings are definitely "comfortable" (happy, content, grateful, silly),  some of those are "uncomfortable feelings" like bored, sad, worried, frustrated.

This week I want you to think about the tools you have in your toolbox.  Many of you have learned about the Zones of Regulation (curriculum by Leah M. Kuypers, zonesofregulation.com) and we have talked about knowing what tools work best for us to help us when we find ourselves in the Blue (moving slow) zone or yellow (pay attention and use caution) zone.

Free downloads with more info about the Zones are available here:

Everyone's toolbox looks different!  Some of my favourite tools are exercising, going for a walk with my dog, or listening to some music while I cook some good food.  These things always seem to make me feel better, helping me get back to the green zone.  My own kids say their best tools are to read, jump on the trampoline, play with the dog, play the piano, or just spend some time alone in their room.

Something you can do at home today is make your own list of tools.  Sometimes when we really need them most it's hard to think of what we need so having a "Toolbox" ready is a big help!

Here are some ideas to make your toolbox:
1)Draw a "toolbox" on a paper and write down 5-10 "tools" to feel better
2) Find a box or container in your house and fill it with tools you've drawn on paper and cut out.  If you have small tools like a stress ball or fidget toy, a journal to write in, some markers, a bit of Lego, you can put it right in the box as well.  Then it's all right there when you need it! 
3) Just simply write a list of your favourite tools and post it on the wall so you can easily look at it when you need to use it.

When your family is together this evening, ask each member to name something they do that helps them feel better when they feel upset.  Or call a friend, grandparent or other relative and ask them what tools they use!

I'd love to see your toolbox!  Feel free to email a picture to me at tklassen@hsd.ca

Visit this link to a former post for other ideas to explore your "Green Zone":


  1. Great idea, Ms. Klassen! My tools are going for a walk, reading a book in my gazebo or sitting by my fireplace working on a puzzle.

  2. My tools are finding new way to talk to my friends and seeing videos of my students as they share their lives with us on seesaw.

  3. My tools are going for a walk, talking to friends and family, listening/playing music and puzzling.


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