What's in Your Heart?

Hi Everyone -

Today I have a similar activity to the feelings jar for you to try out - but you can get creative with how you do it!

These days there is a lot going on inside of all of us and it is helpful to find ways to name and understand it.  This week, I encourage you to make a map of your heart!  It can include all the things are in your heart and on your mind - the sad and worried parts, but also the happy, fun, and grateful parts.

Here are some that my daughter (she's 11) and I did this weekend:

It can also just be a picture of one thing that's on your heart these days.

If you're not someone who loves doing art or drawing  - you can make a word splash, make a collage with magazine cut outs or pictures you find online, or take a few pictures of things to represent what's in your heart.  Make it enjoyable for YOU!

If you're comfortable sharing it with someone in your family I encourage you to do that.  It's a good way to share how we're feeling.  Maybe do it together with a parent or sibling and compare your maps afterwards.  But if you'd like it can also be something you keep all to yourself.

My daughter and I thought we will definitely need to keep these!  It gives a good snapshot of this unique time in our lives.

Kids - if you feel comfortable sharing it with me I would love to see it!  You can email a photo of it it tklassen@hsd.ca

All the kids from both Elmdale and MES are definitely in my heart!!  I miss you tons!