Just like that!

And just like that the school year is done!  Can hardly believe my first year at Elmdale went by so quickly.  Thanks to the staff, families and especially kids for making it a really good one.  I'm looking forward to next year already - but first, let's have summer!

Summer can be a great time to restore and nurture our well-being, and that of our kids.  Hopefully it gives time to slow down the schedule, take in the beautiful weather, have some new adventures, spend time with friends and family, and get a little bored from time to time. I know we as parents can sometimes dread those words, "I'm bored!", but I've been reading lately on how many kids in our modern culture don't experience a lot of boredom. The digital world we live in combined with busy schedules doesn't allow for much time of "nothingness".  Yet boredom is so critical to developing our creativity and problem solving skills. It gives us time to explore new interests and skills. It also gives us time to pay attention to our inner selves.

Last summer my son, who had just finished Kindergarten, referred to the holidays as "a break from life".  While he loves school, he quite enjoyed his lazy mornings, not having to rush off anywhere.  That's what I look forward to as well.  However your family spends the summer, I wish you a good one!
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