Wellness Week 2019!

At Elmdale School we hope to promote healthy habits for kids to enhance their life-long well-being.
The first week of May is National Mental Health Week ( https://mentalhealthweek.ca/) and this year we will once again be hosting a Wellness Week at Elmdale School to promote overall health and well-being for our students.

As we did last school year, we will be focusing on a different aspect of health each day:

Sunny Monday  - This day is about the importance of spending time outdoors.  Spending time outside has lots of benefits including fitness, fresh air, receiving vitamin D, and connecting with nature.  For Sunny Monday we will also want to make the connection to maintaining a positive attitude and "looking on the sunny side of life".
On Sunny Monday, Mr. Fast has planned some fun outdoor games for the noon hour recess!

Tell-Them Tuesday - Our social connections are very important for our mental health.  When we feel connected to others, our self esteem grows and we enjoy everything in our lives so much more.  Today, find a way to tell someone in your life why they make your life better.

Water Wednesday - The focus of this day is the importance of drinking plenty of water.  Water gives us more energy and helps our brains work better.  It helps us prevent illness and headaches.  Water helps our bodies feel better, and when our bodies feel good our hearts feel better too.

Thankful Thursday - Practicing gratitude helps decrease stress and negative thinking.  Thinking of what we are thankful for helps shift our minds to positive thinking and helps us better enjoy the good things in our lives.  As we did last year, we will once again be making a school -wide gratitude tree.

Fitness Friday! - Getting physical exercise has so many benefits for overall well-being.  It helps release stress, improves our thinking, our mood, our self esteem and helps us to sleep better.  And this doesn't even mention the countless benefits to our physical health!
For Fitness Friday, Mr. Fast will be offering some extra skipping activities in the Gym at the noon recess.

We will have classroom and gym activities, as well as a daily morning wellness announcement.  Also be sure to check out our staff bulletin board showing how the adults in our school enhance their own personal well-being.

Looking forward to a great week!