Wellness Week At Elmdale!

Mental Health Week is an annual event that takes place across Canada to encourage people to learn, talk, reflect, and engage with others on all issues relating to mental health.  This year it falls on the week of May 6-12.  When speaking of mental health we are talking about one's overall feeling of well-being - emotionally, intellectually and socially.  It is our ability to handle life's stresses and ups and downs, solve problems effectively, ability to maintain good relationships, our outlook and sense of hope and positivity. At Elmdale we realize that if kids are doing well socially and emotionally, they are better equipped for success in all areas of school and life.  We like to promote pro-active habits that develop life-long positive mental health.  For this reason we will be holding our own Wellness Week at Elmdale from May 7-11.  Each day we will focus on a different aspect of positive mental health, with ideas for ways we can feel better in our hearts and minds.  Here are the themes for each day:

Move-It Monday - Physical activity does wonders for our mental health!  The more we move the better we feel.  Physical activity actually releases chemicals in our bodies that make us feel happier.  Do something today to get out there and move - have fun!

Try-It Tuesday - Creating variety in our lives keeps things interesting and helps us enjoy life more.  Trying new things also challenges our brains and keeps us sharp.  Try one new thing today - a new game, a new healthy food, a new sport, or a new strategy for learning!  You may also want to play with someone at recess whom you've never played with before.  Changing things up makes life fun!

Warm Fuzzy Wednesday - Our relationships with family and friends are very important for our mental health.  When we feel connected to others, our self-esteem grows and we enjoy everything in our lives so much more.  Today, find a way to tell someone in your life why they are important to you - give them a "warm fuzzy"!

Thankful Thursday - Practicing gratitude helps decrease stress, negative thinking and anxiety.  Thinking of what we are thankful for helps shift our minds to positive thinking and helps us better enjoy all the good things in our lives.  Today, write on a paper leaf one thing you are thankful for and add it to our Gratitude Tree.

Feel Good Friday - Our self-esteem, or who much we like ourselves, is a big factor in our mental health.  Think of three things you like about yourself today, and feel great about those things!

The Wellness Wheel is a great tool in learning about all aspects of our well-being, and helps us to assess where we might want to focus more of our energy.  We have our own up here at school:

This was inspired by this version for kids that I found online:

Image of "A Child's Path to Wellness" wheel with key areas of 'intellectual', 'occupational', 'physical', 'spiritual' and 'emotional' - courtesy of Yukon Health and Social Services

I encourage you to try some of the things listed above at home as a family!  They also make great topics for dinner conversation. I'd love to hear your ideas.

For more information on Canadian Mental Health Week visit: