What Zone Are You In?

Welcome here!  I hope you find some helpful information here.  My intent is to communicate with the Elmdale Community about what's happening here at school in regards to promoting the emotional, mental and social well-being of our students, as well as provide resources to help you as parents as we work together.

Perhaps your child has spoken at home about the "Zones".  The Zones of Regulation (Created by Leah M. Kuypers, MA Ed.  OTR/L) is a program of lessons designed to teach kids about understanding and regulating their emotions.  Developmentally, early years students are gradually gaining more control over their emotions and impulses.  By giving them some understanding of their emotions and some tools to self-regulate, we can help them feel more confident in handling the many emotions they experience throughout their day.

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Familiarity with the "Zones" helps students to:
  • Recognize their emotions.
  • Gain a "toolbox" of skills they can use to calm themselves and feel better.
  • Think about others and figure out the social expectations in various settings.  
Early in October, all students were introduced to the Zones at an assembly.  I have been following up in some of the classrooms as well.  Ask your child to name and describe the Zones to you!  
You may want to brainstorm a list of tools with your child that might work for them.  We're all unique, so it's important to find what works for YOU.  It's a good exercise for us adults as well!